Wheelie Bin Washer

The Challenger wheelie bin washer has been specifically developed to both internally and externally wash standard 1,100-litre, 770-litre and 360-litre wheeled bins and other sizes of wheelies bins can be catered for on request.

The system uses a water propelled wash heads to cover all internal surfaces and all external surfaces are covered by a series of fan jet array spray nozzles. The wash water delivery is by two separate, industrial, high-pressure, water pumps.

Wash water is collected in the wash chamber sump, filtered and recirculated to get multiple uses from each batch of water. All contact surfaces of the wash chamber are manufactured from stainless steel or GRP with access panels and doors for ease of maintenance.

Water is heated and a choice of steam or electrically heated coils are available.

All movements including the bin loading door, internal wash arm and external wash arms are powered hydraulically via an integral and self-contained hydraulic power unit.
A machine room is incorporated to the rear of the wash chamber to house the pumps, the hydraulic power unit, control valves, filters, etc. separately from the main wash zone.

The washer is operated from a local control panel with multiple wash cycles available and selectable from a simple to operate HMI touch screen.

The machine can be supplied as a permanent fixed ground mounted unit or on a relocatable skid frame if required

Thermal Oil Screw Processing System

Thermal Oil Screw Systems use high temperature oil within the screw conveyor mechanism to turn moisture in the shredded medical / clinical waste into steam to thoroughly and reliably sterilise ‘the floc’.

Lift tipper
Thermal oil screw
Waste compactor(s)

Options :-
Duty standby shredder
Overhead crane
Feed to moving floor trailers

Steam Screw Processing Systems

As the name suggests, Steam Screw systems use steam both within the screw conveyor mechanism and pumped into the pre-shredded medical / clinical waste to thoroughly and reliably sterilise the ‘floc’.

Lifting tipper
Steam Screw
Waste Compactor(s)

Duty standby shredder
Overhead crane dryer
Feed to moving floor trailer(s)

Medical & Clinical Waste Processing Systems

Challenger have worked in the medical / clinical waste industry in the UK and elsewhere in Europe for 20 years with a commitment to providing excellent solutions and after-sales back up.

These systems take in medical / clinical waste in a variety of different sized wheeled containers and can discharge dried ‘floc’ to waste compactors or moving floor trailers at rates from 500 kg per hour to 2,000 kg per hour or more.

All Challenger equipment offers a continual flow of material much like a production line with minimal operational involvement as opposed to other technologies that are ’stop / start’ with significantly higher operational and running cost implications.

All systems include air extraction, filtration and condensate removal technologies to industry leading standards.

Automatic IBC Washer

The Challenger automatic IBC wash system is designed to Wash, drain and rinse used IBC containers both internally and externally for re-use.

Our walking beam type conveying system ensures precise container alignment at all of the treatment stations The system is built up from modular sections which can be easily expanded to incorporate additional equipment in the future.

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 09.43.13Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 09.43.35

Module 1: An inclined in-feed twin line gravity roller conveyor fitted with a ‘pocket stop’ to locate the IBC. A drain tray with socket connection is fitted below. The IBC containers will be then be automatically picked up via our walking beam type conveyor from the ‘pocket stop’ situated within the following washing area.

Module 2: A first stage hot caustic internal wash incorporating a tank of approximately 2,000 litres water capacity. The tank is fitted with a mud door for cleaning purposes and can be heated by means of electric or steam immersion heaters. The stainless steel cleaning head mounted on a gantry above the tank rotates in a cyclic operating mode that ensures full coverage of the inside of the container through its four wash jets. A bypass line piped to jets to spray over the top of the IBC is included for external washing purposes. A centrifugal pump circulates the heated wash detergent via a twin cartridge filter that allows cleaning during operation of the plant without interrupting production.

Module 3: A drain station with drain tray allows emptying of the contents back to module 2.

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 09.51.27Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 09.51.51

Module 4: A second stage cold high-pressure internal wash from the fresh mains supply mounted above tank of approximately 2,000 litres water capacity. A high-pressure cabinet type pressure washer fed from your cold mains supply feeds through a pneumatically operated valve to the cleaning head that is mounted on a gantry above the tank. The motor powered stainless steel cleaning head rotates in a cyclic operating mode that ensures full coverage of the inside of the container. The high pressure washer is an 8 hour duty cabinet type with facility for hot operation from its integral oil burner. An array of jets mounted above the IBC station and connected to your fresh mains supply to rinse the outside of the container is included.

Module 5: A final horizontal discharge section is designed to allow the last IBC to be automatically discharged on to your conveyor system or manually unloaded by the operative to your further treatment stations. A drain channel is included back to the tank in module 4 above.

Control system: An overall adjustable cyclic timer is mounted on the front of the cabinet and individual adjustable timers for each of the wash processes mounted within it. All modular sections detailed above and are operated by a PLC control system. This control system will include safety interlocks to inhibit flow if no container is in place or in the event of the wash head not aligning correctly and has interlocks to ensure operator safety.