Used BP60P-11kW Woodshaving Baler & Feed Conveyor

This ‘entry level’ baler is in a good used condition and has the following
outline specification;

– 11 kW (15 HP) 400/3/50 VAC electric motor driven hydraulic power unit
– Single ram with a maximum compressive force of 24 Tonnes
– Makes a 20- 30 kg nominal weight bale
– 350 x 430 x 700 – 850 mm finished bale dimensions
– Primarily designed for baling wood-shavings but could also be used to

Bale wood chip, sawdust, chopped straw, chopped hay, etc.

– Overall dimensions of 810 mm wide by 4,820 mm long by 2,550 mm tall
– Overall weight approximately 2,500 kg
– Comes with a bale discharge ‘table’ as shown

This baler comes with a O & M handbook and it was originally manufactured in circa 2007.

Price – £ 9,250 net ex works and strictly sold as seen

Used Wood Shavings Transport Equipment

We have for sale a full shavings transport system for sale. The equipment is available as part system
or individual components and includes the following:


4-off holding hoppers / silos / rotary valves / ducting and diverters etc.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 14.48.42
A number of transport fans are available including: 3-off 45 kW, 2-off 37 kW, 2-off 25kW, 2-off 22kW, 1-off 15kW and 1-off 11 kW.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 14.49.37

Control panels are also available.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 14.50.21

Used Woodshavings Baling Line

Originally manufactured and installed by Challenger Handling limited in 2002 and includes the following:

Volumetric baler c/w 30kW hydraulic power unit and controls.

Inclined Ø500mm x 9-metre nominal tubular screw feed conveyor.

Rotary dust extraction screen c/w dust auger.

Inclined Ø500mm x 7-metre nominal tubular screw feed conveyor.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 14.43.46Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 14.44.44Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 14.45.12

Price – £22,000 net, sold as seen.

Haylage Baling System

A second hand Challenger Haylage Baling System is for sale

The system was manufactured by Challenger and installed in September 2011; it is designed to break
down large, rectangular field bales of haylage and re-bale the haylage into 20kg bales. This is achieved by
the walking beam feeding large bales into the high speed bale breaker which loosens and breaks up the haylage before conveying it into the baler weigh scale hopper and the baler produces compressed bales of haylage into bags placed on the eject chute by the operator. The operator then seals the bale using a thermal bale sealer.
Loose haylage is weighed prior to producing each bale to ensure consistent bale weights, the bale weight
setting is easily adjustable via a controller mounted on the front of the control panel.

This complete system includes the following equipment: –
1. Walking Beam conveyor with adjustable feed rate
2. High speed bale breaker with adjustable drive speeds
3. Mass Measured Baler producing up to 180 x 20kg bales per hour (3600kg)
4. System control panel with auto / manual options
5. Thermal bag sealer
6. Scissor lift with twin 300mm gravity pallet conveyors
7. Pallet wrapper with twin 300mm gravity conveyors
8. Twin 300mm Gravity accumulation conveyors.

Offers in the region of £75,500.00 – ex-works – excluding VAT

Used Pet Baler for sale

This baler could be used to produce bales in wood shavings, sawdust wood chip, and other short strand chopped materials such as straw, hay, haylage, etc. It was manufactured in circa 2012. It is powered by 18.5 kW 400/3/50 VAC remote power unit, it is capable of approximately 120 bales per hour and it makes a 250 – 750 mm by 300 mm by 180 mm nominal finished bale size. 2 – 8 kg bale weight depending on the product and its’ compressability. It can be fed in two ways; by feeding in a set mass into the chamber or by feeding volumetrically using the optional screw feeder. This baler can be seen working if required.

PRICE – £12,750 net, ex works, sold strictly as seen