Challenger Hydraulics has recently completed a 5500 square feet (510 square metre) extension on time and to budget. Since moving into the new area we have noticed many benefits to the company through improved layout of production processes. The extension will also give us the opportunity to invest in new plant and machinery and generally increase our manufacturing  capacity.  This building represents a considerable capital investment for the company and demonstrates the commitment the owners of the company have in the long term future of Challenger Hydraulics.


Challenger Hydraulics is part of a group of companies, one of which specialises in the manufacture of waste recycling equipment to minimise landfill and environmental impact. As a result the directors of the company are constantly looking at ways of reducing their environmental impact in line with the general ethos of the Challenger Group. This has driven us to installing a 37kW solar panel system on the roof of our factory which has now been fully commissioned. We are all hoping for plenty of sunshine this year!!