Brand New – IBC Rotator Mixer

The machine is designed to take a maximum load of 1500kg and is fully enclosed within a
safety interlocked caged area fitted with polycarbonate panels and is portable via forklift truck.
A standard specification control panel is supplied as shown which includes start, stop
emergency stop, adjustable rotation speed, and adjustable rotation timer. All electrical
equipment will be IP65 minimum rated. Connection to the mains by 3 phase plug on a 5-meter
flying cable.

The machine base speed will be 20 to 25 rpm but have the facility to increase/decrease the
speed by a control pot mounted to the outer facia of the control panel. A rotation counter will be
provided to monitor this feature during operation.

The rotator will have a gradual ramp-up to speed through its initial revolution(s) and gradual
ramp down through its final revolution(s) to reduce loading on the drive and bearing mechanism.
The carriage will have solid sides, base, and back leaving the front and top open for loading. An
adjustable top clamping mechanism and adjustable side location bars will be provided to secure
the load in place.

The machine is CE marked and supplied with operation and maintenance instructions.
Manufacturing was completed in October 2020 and offers the benefit of immediate availability of
an otherwise manufactured-to-order piece of equipment.

The following YouTube link shows the machine in operation:

Used HDH 770 Hammer Mill / Copper Fan

This used Cormall HDH770 Hammer Mill / Chopper Fan is in good used condition has hardly been used since the internals were refurbished last year. This Hammer Mill / Chopper Fan is now for sale due to the business changing direction.

This unit was manufactured circa 2009. Straw is sucked into the Hammer Mill / Chopper Fan and the milling process sizes the straw through a screen (different hole size screens can be fitted). Milling also breaks open the straw. A blower rotor then pneumatically conveys the milled material up to 25 metres through 300 or 315 mm diameter ducting.

The electric motor size is 45 kW, 400/3/50 VAC. In operation, the amps taken to drive the Hammer Mill / Chopper Fan motor can be used to dictate to the rest of the system how fast to feed straw. No ducting is included

Drum Cabinet Washer

A Challenger Handling Ltd manufactured drum cabinet washer for sale for internally cleaning drums / containers up to 205 litre capacity.


The machine consists of a cold-water recirculated wash (Wash detergent can be added) on the RHS loading position and a fresh cold-water rinse on the LHS loading position. Either 2 smaller drums / containers or one larger drum / container can be positioned at each loading station.

The recirculated water holding tank, freshwater rinse tank, enclosure and interconnecting pipework are all manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel.


Operation is from the local control panel included and allow the following functions:

Start, Stop and E-stop
Adjustable wash timer
Selectable front jet / back jet (2 or 4 containers)
Selectable wash only, rinse only or wash and rinse cycles.

All operations are controlled by the pumps and process valves mounted to the rear of the machine.

Manufactured in 2017, this machine offers great value for money and is available sold as seen for £12,800 NET.

Used BP60P-11kW Woodshaving Baler & Feed Conveyor

This ‘entry level’ baler is in a good used condition and has the following
outline specification;

– 11 kW (15 HP) 400/3/50 VAC electric motor driven hydraulic power unit
– Single ram with a maximum compressive force of 24 Tonnes
– Makes a 20- 30 kg nominal weight bale
– 350 x 430 x 700 – 850 mm finished bale dimensions
– Primarily designed for baling wood-shavings but could also be used to

Bale wood chip, sawdust, chopped straw, chopped hay, etc.

– Overall dimensions of 810 mm wide by 4,820 mm long by 2,550 mm tall
– Overall weight approximately 2,500 kg
– Comes with a bale discharge ‘table’ as shown

This baler comes with a O & M handbook and it was originally manufactured in circa 2007.

Price – £ 9,250 net ex works and strictly sold as seen

Used Challenger Baler With Holding Hopper

A used Challenger Baler with a holding hopper feeder and form fill and seal unit is for sale.
This automatic machinery consists of an inclined holding hopper twin screw feeder, a weighing feed hopper, a baler with hydraulic power unit with a form fill and seal bale packaging machine.
This machinery is capable of making up to 200 bales per hour of compressed woodshavings (or similar material) and the bale dimensions are approximately 340 mm by 400 mm by 750 mm.
This equipment was initially manufactured by Challenger in circa mid-2011 and moved by us to its current location in 2015.
The system will be decommissioned mid-April.

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 15.08.13
Price – £55,000.00
NB: The inclined feed conveyor is not included as part of this scope of supply. Interested parties please contact : –