200Kg Maxi Baler Woodshavings
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September 11, 2015

A second hand Challenger Maxi Baler is for sale.

Wood-shavings are fed into a hopper at the top of the Baler where it is automatically measured volumetrically and, after three of these measuring cycles, the bale is made and automatically ejected onto a gravity roller conveyor.

The machine produces bales with approximate dimensions of 1,150 mm by 1,150 mm by 800 mm that have a 200 kg nominal mass (i.e. with wood-shavings) and the machine is fitted with a readily adjustable volumetric measuring device.

The machine is circa 10 years old, it is powered by an integral 30 kW, 400/3/50 VAC electro hydraulic power unit, is capable of producing up to approximately 40 bales per hour and has been well maintained by the previous owner.

The Baler is approximately 5,200 m long, 1,200 mm wide and 5,700 mm high (4,900 mm high to the  feed hopper). A bale fall off roller table with an integral tipping facility is included and the feed conveyor(s) may also be available at extra cost if required.


Price – £ 19,900, ex works, sold as seen