25Kg Woodshaving Baler
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September 10, 2015

A second hand 25 kg Baler for woodshavings fitted with two raw material holding hoppers, with an integral hydraulic power unit and with an adjustable volumetric measuring device is for sale.

A Challenger high-speed form, fill and seal Baler will replace this machine mid- 2012 and the photographs show it as is. Woodshavings are fed into a hopper at the top of the Baler where it is stored and automatically falls by gravity in to the bale chamber as the machine cycles. The machine produces a 25 kg nominal mass bale of woodshavings and is fitted with both a high level sensor and a readily adjustable volumetric measuring device. Please note that no inclined feed conveyor is included. The Baler was manufactured late 2008, it is powered by an integral 22 kW, 400/3/50 VAC electro hydraulic power unit, it is capable of producing approximately 120 bales per hour and it has been well maintained by the previous owner.



Price Р£ 17,950 net, ex works, sold as seen