Automatic Drum Crusher System
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September 9, 2015

Automatic 205Ltr Heavy Duty Drum Crusher For Sale

Challenger has a used Automatic 205Ltr Drum Crusher for sale which we originally manufactured in 2000 for a major recycling company, the company has recently been restructured and as such they no longer have a requirement for this equipment. The machine is fitted with a three-drum gravity feed chute fitted with an indexing device, a heavy-duty door fitted with wear plates and it is powered by an 18.5kW, 415/3/50 VAC electric motor driven hydraulic power unit mounted adjacent to the machine. When in automatic mode the crusher will continuously crush drums as they are loaded onto the infeed chute. This crusher is designed to provide a force of 70 Tonnes on the drum during compaction and to provide a nominal cycle time of 60 seconds. The machine is operated from a master control panel with both manual and automatic controls and fitted with a fail-safe Emergency Stop system. All electrical equipment in the zoned area has a minimum Flameproof protection conforming to BS 5501 Pt 1 & 5: Ex N II and a minimum ingress protection conforming to BS 4999 Pt 20: IP 55 (please note that all electric motor starters, the PLC, E/S relay, etc are housed in a separate enclosure, adjacent to the drum crusher control panel but outside the zoned area classification). The crushed drums are discharged onto an elevating chevron belt conveyor, which in turn deposits them into a skip.

Price £8,750.00 “as seen” or £16,970.00 refurbished. The machine is available on a first come first served basis. Please contact Richard Green or John Sanderson at the address below to discuss matters further.