Brand New – IBC Rotator Mixer
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February 18, 2021

The machine is designed to take a maximum load of 1500kg and is fully enclosed within a
safety interlocked caged area fitted with polycarbonate panels and is portable via forklift truck.
A standard specification control panel is supplied as shown which includes start, stop
emergency stop, adjustable rotation speed, and adjustable rotation timer. All electrical
equipment will be IP65 minimum rated. Connection to the mains by 3 phase plug on a 5-meter
flying cable.

The machine base speed will be 20 to 25 rpm but have the facility to increase/decrease the
speed by a control pot mounted to the outer facia of the control panel. A rotation counter will be
provided to monitor this feature during operation.

The rotator will have a gradual ramp-up to speed through its initial revolution(s) and gradual
ramp down through its final revolution(s) to reduce loading on the drive and bearing mechanism.
The carriage will have solid sides, base, and back leaving the front and top open for loading. An
adjustable top clamping mechanism and adjustable side location bars will be provided to secure
the load in place.

The machine is CE marked and supplied with operation and maintenance instructions.
Manufacturing was completed in October 2020 and offers the benefit of immediate availability of
an otherwise manufactured-to-order piece of equipment.

The following YouTube link shows the machine in operation: