Twin Head Pet Pack Baler
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September 9, 2015

We have a used Challenger Twin Head Pet Pack Baler for sale

The semi-automatic Challenger Pet Pack Baler is powered by a 15 kW, 400/3/50 VAC electric
motor driven hydraulic power unit sited adjacent to the machine.
The machine has been designed to produce bales in Hay, Straw, Sawdust, Woodshavings,
Woodchips, etc. and it should be possible to use it with other similar materials. Trials on
specific materials and / or to see the machinery in operation can be arranged on request.
The machine produces bales that have overall dimensions of approximately 300 mm (12”) by
150 mm (6”) by 120 mm (5”) and can produce bales at a rate of up to 360 bales per hour,
depending on the raw material and the consistency of the feed.
Each bale is weighed to a predetermined amount before being compressed and thereafter
being pushed into a polythene bag.
Depending on the raw material being used, the bales will weigh between 500 grams (1 lb) and
1,500 grams (3 lbs).
The machinery comes complete with an Operation and Maintenance Handbook.

PRICE – £ 6,950 net, ex works Hull and strictly sold as seen