Used HDH 770 Hammer Mill / Copper Fan
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August 25, 2020

This used Cormall HDH770 Hammer Mill / Chopper Fan is in good used condition has hardly been used since the internals were refurbished last year. This Hammer Mill / Chopper Fan is now for sale due to the business changing direction.

This unit was manufactured circa 2009. Straw is sucked into the Hammer Mill / Chopper Fan and the milling process sizes the straw through a screen (different hole size screens can be fitted). Milling also breaks open the straw. A blower rotor then pneumatically conveys the milled material up to 25 metres through 300 or 315 mm diameter ducting.

The electric motor size is 45 kW, 400/3/50 VAC. In operation, the amps taken to drive the Hammer Mill / Chopper Fan motor can be used to dictate to the rest of the system how fast to feed straw. No ducting is included.

Price sold as seen, £1,980 net, ex works