Used Pet Baler for sale
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January 26, 2016

This baler could be used to produce bales in wood shavings, sawdust wood chip, and other short strand chopped materials such as straw, hay, haylage, etc. It was manufactured in circa 2012. It is powered by 18.5 kW 400/3/50 VAC remote power unit, it is capable of approximately 120 bales per hour and it makes a 250 – 750 mm by 300 mm by 180 mm nominal finished bale size. 2 – 8 kg bale weight depending on the product and its’ compressability. It can be fed in two ways; by feeding in a set mass into the chamber or by feeding volumetrically using the optional screw feeder. This baler can be seen working if required.

PRICE – £12,750 net, ex works, sold strictly as seen