Bespoke Conveyors

At Challenger, we design and manufacture bespoke conveyors for special applications.

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Conveyors are created to suit each individual project, with the design specification decided in discussion with the clients engineering team. Here are some of the types of conveyors we can produce:

Assembly Conveyors. These are built to suit the client’s manufacturing process and needs, with work stations incorporated where required. A divert and merge station can also be integrated to connect with the assembly process.

Shredder Feed Conveyors. We manufacture these conveyors to meet the clients’ specification regarding the product to be processed and the site requirements. The conveyors can be driven by either electric or hydraulic drives, and be stationary or mounted on mobile shredding units.

Vertical Conveyors. This type of conveyor is used to transport products between different floor levels. These can be supplied for the movement of cartons, parcels, and pallets.

Vacuum Conveyors. Available for vertical transportation of sheet products between floor levels.

Heat Shrink Tunnel Feed Conveyors. Adaptable for any product that requires feeding through a heat shrink tunnel to provide an outer protective film.

Food Processing Conveyors. These can be supplied as flat belt, wire mesh or plastic link chain belts, to accommodate a range of process temperatures.

Steel Slat Conveyors. are manufactured for the glass and casting industries, with a wide style of steel slats available to suit the application.

Our team of expert engineers are here to design and manufacture a conveyor tailored to your production needs. Get in touch with our team and request a quote today.

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