Drum & IBC Reconditioning Systems

Challenger Handling Limited are specialists in the field of container washing / recycling.

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All equipment is designed, manufactured, installed and maintained by our Hull based team and covers many applications from steel or plastic containers and ranging from 25 litres up to IBC sizes.

Traditionally our expertise has been in the design and manufacture of steel reconditioning systems which allow used oil or chemical drums to be completely refurbished for reuse by both commercial operators, and as in house plants by some major companies, to minimise packaging costs. Legislation has forced users to address the problems of emptied containers within their control, and to ensure that these are cleaned before release for either re-use or disposal.

Challenger Handling Limited can offer systems to satisfy this demand and with the additional benefit of reducing operator exposure to contaminated products thus satisfying COSHH regulations.

Drum Reconditioning Systems

Specifically manufactured to support the reconditioning and testing of industrial drums across their lifestyle, we offer a range of automatic machinery that helps you maintain and improve the quality of your drums. Our range allows you to remove dents, test for leaks, paint, and load drums more efficiently.

IBC Reconditioning Systems

Designed for maintaining IBC containers, our extensive range of IBC reconditioning systems aims to make unloading and cleaning more efficient. With automatic transfers between machinery, our range of systems caters to industries that require a full IBC processing station.

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