Baling Systems

Challenger Handling Limited design, manufacture, install and maintain a full range of balers and associated equipment.

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A large proportion of our balers are for repacking otherwise loose products such as chopped straw, chopped hay, haylage, woodchips, woodshavings, etc. to be used in the animal bedding and animal feed industry. All machines are designed by our in-house team of design engineers and fabricated/assembled by our skilled engineers located on the same site.

Challenger offers equipment to suit the specific needs and budgets of each customer, ranging from smaller semi-automatic machines to fully automated systems producing a finished product anywhere in the range of 0.5kg to 200kg.

Production outputs can also be provided to suit the customer and machines can be manufactured to produce at rates from as little as 60 bales per hour up to 300 bales per hour or more. Other associated equipment offered includes automatic wrapping (form, fill and seal), rotary dust screens, conveyor transfers, palletising systems and dust extraction.

Universal Balers

We have a full range of Universal Balers, built to handle wood shavings, chopped straw, chopped hay and shredded paper. All are designed to meet the exacting standards required in their respective industries.

Machines can be produced to make bales of various sizes to suit your requirements. All three models are built with modern programmable logic controllers (PLC) to achieve quick and efficient operations in the automatic mode.

Straw, Hay & Wood Balers

A large proportion of Challenger's baling machinery is produced for repacking otherwise loose products like chopped straw, chopped hay, haylage, woodchips, and woodshavings to be used in the animal bedding and animal feed industry.

We offer a range of sizes, formats, and optional equipment to tailor each baler to your production needs.

Oil Balers

Challenger manufactures a wide range of baling machinery, including those specifically manufactured for baling oil filters. Each baler is designed to suit your needs, boost productivity, and increase the flexibility of use.

Oil filters are poured into a hopper and the machine automatically makes heavily compressed bales. In the act of baling, the machine compresses the oil out into a sump. Bales are then delivered into a local container via a bale powered chute and oil is delivered to an IBC or similar container with an immersed sump pump.

These machines can be made with bale sizes to suit the client’s requirements and numerous optional equipment can be added to enhance productivity if necessary.

Oil Filter Balers can be manufactured with electric motor or diesel engine driven hydraulic power units. They can be sized to produce cycle times from 20 to 120 seconds. These Balers can be made as static floor mounted assemblies, manufactured on a skid frame, or trailer mounted with cranes etc. to allow them to be used at a number of different sites if required.

Pet Bedding Balers

Challenger provide a range of balers specifically tailored to baling pet bedding materials. Balers designed for the Pet trade are available in two basic design formats: volumetric or mass measured, while oil filter balers are available in a number of configurations.

Shredded Paper or Cardboard Balers

To support the baling of shredded paper and cardboard, Challenger has developed specific machinery optimised for these materials.

Balers are available in a range of dimensions and production outputs, with a selection of optional equipment that can support the complete packaging of materials.

Rotary Screens

The Challenger Rotary Screen has been specifically developed for the effective removal of dust and small debris from bulk products, such as woodshavings, woodchips, chopped straw, chopped hay, shredded paper etc.

The basic design can be customised, achieving different screening performances and outputs by altering the Screen mesh size, the angle of orientation and the speed of rotation.

The mixed material is fed into the top of one end of the machine, and the cleaned material comes out from the lower portion of the opposite end. The dust is then collected in the base and moved to either end or the centre by a screw conveyor. A small dust extraction point can be added to the side of the unit to keep a small negative pressure, keeping external leakage to a bare minimum.

This machine is very cheap to run by comparison to other forms of dust removal and has very few moving parts, making it the ideal choice for low bulk density raw material dust removal.

Form, Fill and Seal

The form, fill and seal machines provide an additional level of automation to Challenger baling systems. The baled product is automatically wrapped and sealed from plastic rolls and removes the need for an operator pushing a pre-formed bag onto the bale chute. Pre-printed film can also be used, and the pattern detected and positioned consistently on the finished product.

Bale Breaker and Walking beam Conveyor

Challengers range of bale breakers are designed and manufactured to break down large hay, haylage and straw field bales into loose material to be re-processed. Equipment can be produced to accommodate various throughput rates and accommodate the customer’s specific requirements.

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