IBC’s Storage, Transporting and Reconditioning.
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IBC’s or intermediate bulk containers are cube-shaped vessels used to transport and store food products and hazardous materials. They are made from industrial-grade plastic and hold up to 1000 litres of materials.  Intermediate bulk containers are recyclable and easier to store than traditional barrels and cans due to their regular shape. Intermediate bulk containers are…...
The Origin Of Hydraulic Cylinders
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Hydraulic cylinders rely on pressurised fluids to produce extremely high forces.  We have been harnessing the power of water to run machinery for hundreds of years.  The earliest examples of this are waterwheels which provided power for mills. In the 17th century, Blaise Pascal discovered that pressurised water in confined spaces increases the initial force.…...
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Bespoke Machinery Versus Generic Machinery
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Bespoke machinery is designed and built according to customers specific needs.  Most manufacturers purchase bespoke machinery once their production line is established and the generic machinery is no longer efficient.  Custom made machinery does cost more to buy due to its uniqueness but the increase in efficiency and reduced running costs make it more cost-effective…...
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Why ISO 9001 Is A Mark Of Quality
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ISO 9001 status is a great achievement for any manufacturing company.  It is awarded to companies who provide an excellent service in relation to;  manufacturing, delivery, attitude, accuracy, customer satisfaction and a commitment to good quality.  The status is renewed annually by auditors who assess a company’s ability to reach the exacting standards of IS…...
The Financial Benefits Of Non-Ferrous Balers
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Non-ferrous balers are used to process aluminium alloys, aluminium, lead, brass, zinc and copper in recycling plants.  These metals are particularly valuable as they are used to make gutters, roofing pipes and electrical cables.  The main properties of these metals are that they are not magnetic don’t contain and are more resistant to corrosion. Recycling…...
The Financial Benefits Of Non-Ferrous Balers