Hoists, Lifts, and Tippers

Challenger manufactures a wide range of lift and hoisting machinery for industrial, manufacturing, commercial and service industries.

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Designed and build with different needs in mind, we offer a range of capacities, from 50kg to 4000kg. We are happy to supply a lift suited to your individual application, customising size, capacity, and type of drive.

Our range includes barrel hoists, mezzanine goods lifts, scissor goods lifts, dumb waiter service lifts, and disability platform lifts.

Barrel Hoists

Challenger barrel hoists are designed to lift or lower barrels and cylindrical objects between floors in public houses, licensed premises, restaurants, or wherever there is a need to move items between floors.

Goods Lifts

At Challenger, we have designed lifts specifically for manoeuvring goods on a single level and between floors.

Developed in compliance with the Essential Safety Requirements (ESRs) for Machinery Safety Regulations, our goods lifts provide a continent and efficient way to move, load, unload, stack, and place merchandise.

Disability Lifts

Challenger manufactures a wide range of lift machinery, including for commercial and service industries.

Designed and built in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 and the Disability Discrimination Act 2005, our disability platform lifts provide safe movement for disabled people.

Service Lifts

Our service lifts are specially designed for use in food trade environments, tailored for transporting food, beverages, and dirty dishes between preparation/cleaning areas and front-end service areas.

We offer two designs, dumb waiter and under bar lifts.

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