Bespoke Design

We are always innovating and customising our machinery and hydraulic power packs. However, if you have a particular requirement, we can design and manufacture a bespoke solution to suit your needs.

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Hydraulic System Design Services

At CFP Hydraulic Systems Ltd, we specialise in developing hydraulic systems using the most reliable components, creating a system that is built to last. When a standard power pack cannot meet your needs, we can design, build and certify a bespoke unit to your exact specifications. All systems are fully tested and documented prior to delivery, issued with a certificate of incorporation to BSEN982 to meet the requirements of the CE machinery directive.

We have worked with a range of industries, including building material manufactures, foundries, electricity powerline maintenance, waste reclamation, vehicle manufacture, and much more.

We offer a range of features, including:

  • Single/three phase electric motors, diesel or petrol internal
  • Combustion engines and air driven motors
  • Pressures up to 700 Bar (10,000psi)
  • Fixed or variable delivery piston, vane pumps or gear
  • Most fluids catered for i.e mineral, oil, water glycol, food grade oil etc
  • All valve configurations and operating modes supplied;
  • Good availability of spares and excellent backup.

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