Drum Reconditioning Systems

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At Challenger Handling, we have designed a range of drum reconditioning systems to suit a variety of needs. All our equipment is manufacturer, installed, and maintained by our team in Hull.

Our specially designed reconditioning systems offer a cost-effective solution for managing the continued use of steel and plastic drums. This range of systems will extend the lifecycle of your drums, reducing waste and enabling them to reliably fulfill their role in the transportation and storage of various materials, including chemicals, fuels, lubricants, and more.

Our range has been created to wash, reshape, assess, and paint storage drums, promoting sustainable manufacturing and distribution practices. Challenger’s equipment can be installed as is or integrated into a wider service system.

Find out more about our different drum reconditioning units below and contact our team to request a quote.

Used Equipment
Metalpress HTP 400 Super Briquetting Press

We have a used briquetting press available for sale.

This Metalpress HTP 400 Super Briquetting Press was initially manufactured by COMAFER Spa. in Italy circa 2003. This briquetting press is 1,370 mm wide by 2,000 mm deep by 1,500 mm high, it has a 0.7 cu.m feed hopper and the total electric motor power is 9.3 kW, 400/3/50 VAC.

It was initially manufactured for aluminium swarf and was making 70 mm diameter by 50 mm long aluminium briquettes at a rates of between 100 and 400 kg per hour when it was taken out of service but it could be used with a wide variety of different materials if required.

The photographs show the machine in its pre-reconditioned state and it will be possible to run material through it in our factory to confirm its’ suitability before paying for it. A copy of the original handbook will be provided.

All interested parties please contact: sales@challenger-group.co.uk

Used Equipment
Two Brand New Conveyors

Two brand new belt conveyor assemblies.

A total of two brand new heavy duty belt conveyor assemblies are being offered for sale due to a cancelled order generally as detailed below.

One-off swan neck sidewall belt conveyor assembly; – 5,190 mm overall length – 520 mm inside sidewalls – 3 kW,400/3/50 VAC drive – Supports as shown.

One-off reversible belt conveyor assembly:

  • 2,240 mm overall length
  • 600 mm wide plain belt
  • 1.5 kW, 400/3/50 VAC drive
  • Supports as shown

All interested parties please contact: sales@challenger-group.co.uk

Used Equipment
SSI 2400 E Shredder
We have a pre-used and stripped down SSI 2400 E shredder available for sale.

This shredder is in need of some TLC and has been stripped down ready for refurbishment or it can be used for spare parts and it is to the following specification:

* 150 kW (200 HP) 400/3/50 VAC electric motor
* 1,015 mm wide by 1,525 mm long cutting chamber in addition to main gearbox
* Regianna planetary gear reducer
* 38 mm (1.5”) nominally thick worn cutter set
* The shredder head module will weigh approximately 8,100 kg when rebuilt
* Breaker bar assembly
* Please note that the control panel, clutch, hopper and support stand will need to be replaced

This shredder comes with a O & M handbook, spare parts list and was originally manufactured in circa October 2000.
Used Equipment
Glass Recycling Equipment


System includes:

  • Automatic system added in 2016
  • Auto bin tipper for 240L or 360L wheely bins
  • Bin tipper in safety interlocked cage
  • Steel slat belt feed conveyor to a Krysteline GP-100 pulverisor
  • GP-100 transforms flat and mixed glass into sharp free cullet
  • Cullet is discharged on to a steel slat belt discharge conveyor.
  • Up to 6000kg per day capacity

Can be seen in operation.

All interested parties please contact: sales@challenger-group.co.uk

Used Equipment
Drum Cabinet Washer

A Challenger Handling Ltd manufactured drum cabinet washer for sale for internally cleaning drums / containers up to 205 litre capacity.

The machine consists of a cold-water recirculated wash (Wash detergent can be added) on the RHS loading position and a fresh cold-water rinse on the LHS loading position. Either 2 smaller drums / containers or one larger drum / container can be positioned at each loading station.

The recirculated water holding tank, freshwater rinse tank, enclosure and interconnecting pipework are all manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel.

Operation is from the local control panel included and allow the following functions:

  • Start, Stop and E-stop
  • Adjustable wash timer
  • Selectable front jet / back jet (2 or 4 containers)
  • Selectable wash only, rinse only or wash and rinse cycles.

All operations are controlled by the pumps and process valves mounted to the rear of the machine.

Manufactured in 2017, this machine offers great value for money and is available sold as seen for £12,800 NET.

All interested parties please contact: sales@challenger-group.co.uk

Used Equipment
IBC Rotator Mixer

The machine is designed to take a maximum load of 1500kg and is fully enclosed within a safety interlocked caged area fitted with polycarbonate panels and is portable via forklift truck. A standard specification control panel is supplied as shown which includes start, stop emergency stop, adjustable rotation speed, and adjustable rotation timer. All electrical equipment will be IP65 minimum rated. Connection to the mains by 3 phase plug on a 5-meter flying cable.

The machine base speed will be 20 to 25 rpm but have the facility to increase/decrease the speed by a control pot mounted to the outer facia of the control panel. A rotation counter will be provided to monitor this feature during operation.

The rotator will have a gradual ramp-up to speed through its initial revolution(s) and gradual ramp down through its final revolution(s) to reduce loading on the drive and bearing mechanism. The carriage will have solid sides, base, and back leaving the front and top open for loading. An adjustable top clamping mechanism and adjustable side location bars will be provided to secure the load in place.

The machine is CE marked and supplied with operation and maintenance instructions. Manufacturing was completed in October 2020 and offers the benefit of immediate availability of an otherwise manufactured-to-order piece of equipment.

All interested parties please contact: sales@challenger-group.co.uk


Used Equipment
Challenger Rotary Dust Extraction Screen

A used Challenger Rotary Dust extraction screen. This machine consists of a standard Challenger (circa 2008) rotary dust extraction screen with an integrated dust auger.

This machine has been developed to provide the effective removal of dust and small debris from bulk products such as wood shavings, straw, hay, shredded paper, plastics, foodstuffs, etc.

Screen Dimensions – 1,380 mm inside diameter x 4,000 mm long.

Support Structure – Heavy duty mild steel angled to assist material flow.

Electric Motor Drives – Three–off 2.2 kW, 400/3/50 VAC (2-off screen & 1-off dust auger).

Machine Mass – Approximately 3.0 Tonnes.

All interested parties please contact: sales@challenger-group.co.uk

Used Equipment
Baler with Form, Fill & Seal w/ Bulk Hopper

This automatic machinery consists of a standard Challenger (circa 2007) baler with integrated weigh hopper, load, compress, door and eject hydraulic functions and local operator control panel. The baler is supplied with a 2x 30-kW hydraulic power pack and all interconnecting hoses.

The baler is coupled to a Challenger form, fill and seal bale packaging unit with all pneumatic valves, interconnecting hoses and electric cabling.

The twin screw hopper feeder is supplied with high- and low-level switches to maintain constant material flow. The screws are powered by 2x 3.0kw geared motors which are invertor driven to provide a controlled metred feed to the baler weigh hopper.

The baler and form, fill and seal and twin-screw feeder are controlled from the HMI touch screen panel provided with full operator adjustability.

The system was originally designed to be capable of producing a nominal 20kg Woodshavings bale at a rate of up to 180 bales per hour.

All interested parties please contact: sales@challenger-group.co.uk

Used Equipment
Simon Eggleston Manufactured Bale Breaker

This machinery consists of a stand-alone bale breaker manufactured by Simon Eggleston (pre 2008) with integrated outfeed conveyor.

This machine has been developed to break down large bulk bales into loose material for further processing.

The breaking is provided by three rotary drums powered by an electric drive and pulley system. The machine is fully mild steel construction and has an integrated cross transfer outfeed conveyor.

All interested parties please contact: sales@challenger-group.co.uk

Used Equipment
Ken Mills Animal Bedding Baling System

This system consists of a Ken Mills manufactured baler supplied with dust extraction system and complete with dust bag collection station.

The system has predominately been used for the baling of shredded teabag material and is therefore supplied with the hand fed shredding unit as shown in the photo below. The Material is delivered to the baler inlet by the fan located on the top of the machine via the ducting arrangement shown.

The baler is supplied with a local control panel as shown and is complete with a hydraulic power pack and with all interconnecting hoses. The baler is currently producing 14kg nominal bales of teabag material but would be suitable for baler other products.

Nominal bale dimensions are – 305mm wide x 470mm high x 600mm long.

All interested parties please contact: sales@challenger-group.co.uk

Airless Shot Blasting Machine

The Drumtech Airless Shot Blast Machine is fully automatic and capable of processing 100 drums per hour, dependent on the surface finish required.
The shot is fed by two rotating manganese steel wheels, which are shaped to cover the surface of the drum, rotating in an enclosed cabinet. Doors at either side will open when the basting is complete to allow the drums to exit and enter the machine automatically. Controls are fully interlocked for safety, and the starting operation is fully sequenced and ammeters are provided on the panel to monitor shot delivery to each wheel.
Technical Information:

  • Electrical supply – 400/3/50 VAC
  • Environmental protection – IP55
  • Power requirement – 46 kW
  • Compressed air pressure – 3 Bar

Automatic Air De-Denter

The Drumtech Automatic Air De-denter is designed to remove dent from standard 205 litre capacity steel drums.
It is a fully automatic machine with an infeed and discharge for horizontal roll-through operation. The doors are interlocked for safety, allowing operations to proceed only when the doors are closed.
Technical Information:

  • Production rate – 100 drums per hour
  • Electrical supply – 400/3/50 VAC
  • Environmental protection – IP55
  • Power requirement – 4.0 kW
  • Compressed air pressure – 4.5 Bar
  • Dimensions – 1.7 m x 2.8 m x 1.8 m

Automatic Leak Detector

The Drumtech Semi-Automatic Leak Detector has been created to handle standard 205 litre capacity steel or plastic closed top drums, which are clean and dry, in line with International Quality Control requirements. The drums are hand fed onto the base, and then discharged manually on completion. However, it can be set up on a gravity roller conveyor track or adjacent to a platform, to ease manual handling.
Once the drum is placed on the base and the bung aligned with the nozzle, a pneumatic valve lowers the nozzle and charges the drum with air. When the air is stabilised and the ‘ready to test’ light illuminates, ultrasonic testing for leaks takes place. A green or red light will then show to indicate either pass or fail respectively. A proof bung with a known leak is supplied with the machine for testing purposes, and should be used alongside a known good drum to check the calibration of the machine. We recommend doing this twice daily.
Technical Information:

  • Production rate – 100 drums per hour
  • Electrical supply – 400/3/50 VAC
  • Environmental protection – IP55
  • Power requirement – 1.1 kW
  • Compressed air pressure – 4.5 Bar
  • Dimensions – 2.0 m x 1.3 m x 2.1 m

Automatic Loader

The Drumtech Automatic Loader is designed to automatically load standard 205-litre capacity steel or plastic drums into either a Pre-Washer or the main line Washer.
Technical Information:

  • Production rate 100 drums per hour
  • Electrical supply 400/3/50 VAC
  • Environmental protection IP55
  • Power requirement 1.5 kW
  • Compressed air pressure 4.5 Bar

Automatic Paint Station

The Drumtech Automatic Paint Booth provides the best paint finish for steel drums. It has the capability to paint one to three colours and a central band if required. The number of colour applications for each drum depends on the number of paint pumps supplied. This system has a hot airless application to provide the best control over the paint's thickness and quality.
Drums are automatically fed into the machine and transferred whilst retaining separation. At the application station, the drum is rotated and automatic guns fire in sequence to apply the desired finish. Each gun has a timer control to configured to the colour and paint viscosity variations. The booth uses a high efficiency waterfalls to collect any over spray and prevents from leaking into the atmosphere (in accordance with the current EU environmental regulations).
It is strongly advised that high solid, low solvent paints are used.
Technical Information:

  • Production rate = 100 drums per hour

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