Hydraulic Components

At CFP, we offer a complete range of off-the-shelf hydraulic system accessories, including filters, filler breathers, gauges, isolators, and valves.

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All our hydraulic components are available off-the-shelf, in a selection of sizes and configurations. Suitable for use in residential, commercial, or industrial environments, our hydraulic system accessories can improve the life-span and overall health of your system, with efficient monitoring and easy control.

Get in touch with the CFP Hydraulic Systems team to order a custom package tailored to your build and environment.


Remove potentially hazardous or damaging debris from hydraulic fluid with filters specifically designed for hydraulic systems. Filters work as part of a system aimed at protecting equipment against accidental damage and different forms of natural wear and tear.

Our range of filters, including Filler Breather configurations, assist in the processing and filling of systems, allowing adequate air-flow.


We supply a variety of valves for different purposes, including single-direction check values or flow control valves which work in partnership with independent signalling devices like flow meters or temperature gauges. Available in a number of sizes.

Sight Level Gauges

Monitor the level of liquid within your tanks, boilers, or liquid storage systems.

Pressure Gauge Isolators

Supporting system safety and pressure regulation, our pressure gauge isolators are available in a range of configurations. Fitted with hand-knobs, they can be manually adjusted to suit your needs.

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