Straw & Hay Balers

Baling machinery dedicated to the repackaging of straw, hay, and more.

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At our manufacturing facility, we take pride in producing an extensive array of baling machinery designed to cater to diverse industry requirements. A significant portion of our machinery is dedicated to the repackaging of loose materials such as straw, hay, woodchips, woodshavings, and more. These materials, widely utilized for animal bedding and feed purposes, undergo a transformative process within our specialized balers.

To address the unique demands of your industry, we offer two fundamental design formats: volumetric or mass measured. These designs can be customized to align with your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and functionality. With our versatile baling machinery, you can confidently achieve efficient and tailored packaging solutions for your loose materials.


Volumetric Balers

Our Volumetric Balers boast an integrated holding hopper that accommodates the raw material. These advanced balers select a portion of the material to create the bale, employing shear blades to cut through the product during the baling process. Although, it is important to note that, due to the nature of this machinery, variations in bale weight and density can be expected.

To address the specific requirements of our customers, our Volumetric Balers offer a range of bale dimensions. Our standard sizing options encompass a range of weights, including 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 20, 25, and 200 kg.

Volumetric Balers are suitable for: chopped straw, hay, wood shavings, pet bedding.


Mass Measured Hay Balers

Our Mass Measured Hay Balers are equipped with a weighed hopper, designed to efficiently receive and process raw materials. When the predetermined mass is attained, the feed mechanism temporarily halts, allowing the accurately weighed product to be smoothly transferred into the baler.

To cater to our customer’s diverse requirements, we offer customisable bale dimensions. Although, 20kg and 25 kg bales is standard. Additionally, our machines can be manufactured with varying production outputs. We are dedicated to meeting your specific demands, offering a range of options that encompass production rates as low as 60 bales per hour, up to an astonishing 400 bales per hour.

Mass Measured Hay Balers are suitable for: chopped straw, hay, haylage, woodchips, wood shavings, pet bedding.

Our team of expert engineers are here to design and manufacture a baler tailored to your packaging needs. Get in touch with our team and request a quote today.

Expand Your System

Our balers can be supplied with a range of additional machinery to support the baling process. We recommend requesting either a manual bale chute, where a person places the bag, or a form, fill and seal bale packaging machine, where a roll of polythene is automatically wrapped around the bale chute, and sealed by the machine.

Fully automate your system with Walking Beam Conveyors, Bale Breakers, Holding Hopper Feeders, Scissor lifts, stretch wrappers, robot palletisation, hooding, pallet dispensing, pallet conveyors and pallet wrapping.

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