Are Trash Compactors Good For The Environment?

Trash compactors are an eco-friendly way to process trash and other waste products.  An ever-increasing population generates a phenomenal amount of rubbish which is a major threat to the environment.  Most household and industrial waste end up a landfill or incinerator. These affect the environment by attracting vermin and releasing toxic gases.  Transporting heavy loads of waste requires a lot of fuel increasing the carbon footprint of waste companies. Compactors help to reduce the number of plastic bin bags going into landfill sites.  This makes it easier to fill the landfill more effectively and reduces the need to build new sites.  Businesses using compactors save money because the wase takes less space and requires fewer collections.  Recycling waste also reduces the amount of rubbish going into landfill which is good for the environment. Large industrial waste compactors improve waste management in factories and other industries producing lots of rubbish.  Companies with their own waste compactors are able to manage their waste budgets which saves them lots of money in the long run.  Waste management companies investing in trash compactors are able to process a diverse amount of rubbish. This is good for the environment because it reduces the pressure on landfills.

The Environmental Impact Of Rubbish

The trend for fancy packaging is great for marketing and food preservation but catastrophic for the environment.  We are already seeing whales with plastic bags in their stomachs and fish riddled with plastic microbeads. The situation is becoming so desperate shops are increasing the prices of carrier bags to encourage us to reuse the bags we already have. Rubbish collection is becoming increasingly more difficult to handle due to an increase in population and tight council budgets.  Landfill sites are cropping up all over the place and filling up quickly causing gases to escape into the environment and attracting vermin.  The carbon footprint of waste disposal is huge causing greater environmental impact. The Independent reports that we will run out of landfill sites within the next eight years.  The existing sites are dealing with 57 million tons of domestic and industrial waste every year.  This is taking up land 3 times the size of Lake Windermere and we are running out of space. We fare badly compared to other European countries who dump considerably less rubbish into landfills.  It is estimated that the UK has to reduce the amount of rubbish we put into landfill by 75% in order to reach EU targets. (Source: The Independent) Our rubbish problem affects the whole world.  Beautiful parts of the planet are becoming eyesores and dangerous to sea creatures.  The world’s atmosphere is changing and causing global warming soil and water are becoming contaminated causing problems for future generations.

How Trash Compactors Help The Environment

Trash compactors come in many different sizes depending on the industry you work in.  Restaurants have smaller ones that reduce the number of bin bags required and pickups from waste management companies.  Larger operations are likely to have much larger waste compactors. The Challenger waste compactor is able to process damp, wet and conventional waste.  It reduces the amount of space the waste takes up making transportation much easier. It enables more waste to go into landfills without taking as much space. Waste management companies are able to process non-recyclable waste efficiently which reduces its impact on the environment.  Recycling plants reduce the need to produce materials from scratch which saves money and the impact on the environment. If you would like to find out more about our waste compactors contact us here and we would be happy to discuss your options.