Challenger’s Middle Eastern Adventure

At Challenger we find the prospect of expanding our customer base throughout the world very exciting indeed.  Our reputation for installing high quality baling and shredding machinery has resulted in us installing our systems in the following countries; Russia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Norway and South Korea.

Recently we also added Israel to our ever expanding list.  A potential customer from Israel came to visit us at our UK Factory and ordered a baler with conveyer for the animal feed products he wants to process.  A Challenger engineer will be flying out to Israel to install the equipment.

Supreme Customer Service

We pride ourselves on the quality of the machinery we produce and the customer service we provide from ordering and installing to after sales care.  Some of our customers purchase generic machinery and many require customised systems that fulfil their individual requirements.

Our sales staff are knowledgeable engineers and technicians who will help you to decide which system is best for you and talk you through the whole process.  When it comes to installing your machinery we will send a Challenger engineer to your premises to ensure that it is installed correctly.

Balers And Machinery

As well as being able to manufacture bespoke balers for our customers we have also built balers for the following purposes:-

  • Chopped straw/chopped hay balers.

  • Hay/haylage balers.

  • Oil filters balers.

  • Non Ferrous balers.

  • Pet pack balers.

  • Shavings balers.

  • Wood chip balers.

  • Wood shaving balers.


We manufacture a variety of conveyors including bespoke ones for our customer’s specific needs.  These are the main types of conveyors we manufacture:-

  • Belt conveyors.

  • Bespoke conveyors.

  • Gravity conveyors.

  • Pallet conveyors.

  • Pallet stackers/de-stackers.

  • Roller conveyors.

  • Screw conveyors.

Conveyors Service and Support

As well as providing excellent after sales service and support for conveyor systems we manufacture and install our selves, we also support machinery manufactured by different companies.

We are very easy to contact if you require after sales service, technical support or spare parts and strive to provide the best customer service you could possibly have.

If you are interested in find out more information about our balers and conveyor systems or would just like to experience our great customer service please click here.