Conveyor Belts – Santa’s Faithful Helper

If you have ever wondered how Santa has managed to hit the Christmas Eve deadline in toy production and packaging for the last few centuries you won’t be surprised to hear that he has invested in conveyor belts.  Initially when the population of children was much smaller and contented with small wooden toys, a basket system of transferring presents to the sleigh was perfectly adequate.

Elf And Safety

Eventually the increased population of internet savvy children, who expected bigger more expensive gifts, started to show cracks in the system.  The sheer weight of the gifts were causing Santa’s elves to take increasingly more sick days,  due to bad backs and hernias.  Eventually this health issue became such a problem in terms of Elf and Safety and decreased production that the Leader Of The Union Of Elves had to call a meeting with Santa.

Conveyor Belts and Elf And Safety

After a discussion about poor working conditions Santa recognised that there was a problem and in order to avoid a strike, commissioned one of his clever elves to invent a machine that would transport presents around the factory.  The clever little elf invented what are now known as conveyor belts and all of the Elf and Safety issues were resolved.

Gravity Conveyor Belts

It is estimated that the first conveyor belt used in Santa’s factory would have been simple gravity conveyor belts because they would have been more cost effective and pretty quick to build. Presents would simply be wrapped, placed on the correct country’s conveyor belts and dropped gently into the correct sack.  Eventually Santa would have to opt for Bespoke conveyor belts due to the complex logistics involved in being based in the North Pole and the complicated sleigh delivery system. Now that Santa’s Elves are happy and healthy they are able to enjoy their working conditions and can spread Christmas cheer all around the world.

Conveyor Belts In Your Establishment

If you are finding that you are encountering the same issues as Santa Claus and your production line requires a bit of a boost maybe you should consider investing in  conveyor belts.  At Challenger Group we can help you to design  bespoke conveyor belts for your specific needs.