How Buying Second Hand Machinery Can Inspire Great Business Ideas

Investing in second hand machinery is an economical way to either start your own manufacturing business or expand your existing production line.  Second hand machinery has a proven record of reliability and can be installed relatively quickly.  One major drawback of purchasing second hand machinery is the fact that it has been built to another firm’s specifications.  This is not a real issue if you are willing to be flexible and work within the parameters available.  Second hand machinery generally becomes available because manufacturers are either updating equipment or the machinery no longer fits into their business plan.

The main pressure when purchasing second hand machinery is making sure that you move quickly when you have found the piece of equipment you have been looking for.  There is nothing more frustrating than finding the machinery you require and it being sold before you get chance to make the commitment to buy it. One great advantage of buying secondhand machinery is that you can watch the machine in action and see exactly how it will work, this also gives you reassurance that the machine is in full working order.

In a nutshell the benefits of purchasing second hand machinery are:-

  • It helps to cut costs because you may find a piece of machinery near where you live and transportation costs are reduced significantly.

  • You can buy a top of the range machine that is cheaper because it is second hand.  This gives you the chance to save money for business expansion in the future.

  • You can install it almost immediately because it is ready to take away.

When you purchase second hand machinery from Challenger Group you can be assured that we will explain the condition of the equipment and what measures are required to restore it to full working order. Some of our second hand machinery is, ‘buy as seen,’ which means that you will need to organise servicing and testing to ensure it is in full working order.  This helps to keep the price down and we offer annual service contracts to keep your equipment in full working order.

If you would like to see our selection of second hand machinery for sale please click on this link.  If you have any questions to ask regarding any of the equipment please don’t hesitate to contact us here.