How Can Crushers Make Aluminium Recycling Easier

Can crushers reduce the size of aluminium cans making storage and recycling easier.  Half of the aluminium cans we produce are recyclable which is an amazing 107 million cans in total.  Producing aluminium cans require a lot of energy and the mining of bauxite ore. Aluminium does not lose its properties due to recycling and can be recycled infinite times.  (Source:The World Recycling one aluminum drinks can saves enough energy to power a television for 3 hours.  This means it is one of the most economical materials to recycle. Individuals, charities and waste management companies make money recycling aluminum cans.  You have to collect a large quantity of cans to make any real profit. Aluminium is a non ferrous metal which means it does not stick to a magnet. Ferrous metals contain iron and are magnetic. Waste management companies recycle a wide variety of cans ranging in different sizes.  Industrial can crushers are either manual or semi automatic they reduce the space the cans take up make them easier to transport and sort.  Ferrous and non ferrous cans are separated using magnets. Enthusiastic recyclers have small can crushers in their homes to make recycling easier.

What Is The Process Of Extracting Aluminium?

Aluminium is light, strong and very versatile it does not corrode and is used to produce trains, planes automobiles and drinks containers.  It is 100% recyclable and does not lose any of its properties so is completely reusable. Recycling aluminium saves a lot of energy and reduces the need to mine for the raw materials.  Bauxite ore is a sedimentary rock containing the minerals necessary to produce aluminium. Mining involves stripping the layers of the rock Australia and China are the largest producers of bauxite ore. Aluminium is the most prolific metal on earth but is very expensive to extract.  The process of extracting aluminium involves using electrolysis which is also expensive and consumes a lot of energy.  Recycling reduces these costs because it can be used to make completely different objects. Ironically American Airlines throw away enough aluminum cans to build 57 Boeing 747s.  (Source:

How Do Can Crushers Work?

It is possible to crush drinks cans using your hands or feet but you risk getting cuts and bruises i the process.  Can crushers are simple pieces of equipment that crush can mechanically. They range from small kitchen can crushers to large industrial ones that crush cans of many different sizes.  They work by crushing the can between two pieces of plastic or metal. Industrial can crushers can be either manually or automatically driven. Food outlets and homeowners are able to recycle their cans more efficiently if they crush their cans.   Crushing cans makes them easier to transport to recycling centres because they take up less space in boxes and bags.  Recycling centres crush can in order to transport large quantities of cans to smelting centres. Aluminium cans are the most reusable material due to their enduring properties. If you would like to find out more about can crushers from Challenger Group contact us and we would be happy to discuss your options.