How Installing a Disability Platform Lift is a Bonus For Your Business

In 2010 the Government passed the Equality Act which aims to ensure that employees with disabilities are not discriminated against in the work place.  As well as legislative guidelines relating to issues such as; ability to fill in application forms and interview attendance, the act requires the employer to, ‘Make Reasonable Adjustments in The Workplace’.  These adjustments refer to either adjusting working hours or providing special equipment to make mobility easier.  The Disability Discrimination Act in 2005 required public areas to provide suitable arrangements to allow disabled people to move around with the same ease as an able bodied person.

One of the most effective ways to adjust the workplace environment, so that it is accessible for both employees and customers is to install a disability platform lift.  Challenger manufactures disability platform lifts that conform with both the 2005 Disability Discrimination Act and the 2010 equality Act.  Our disability platforms provide safe movement between floors in commercial, retail and public access buildings.  Challenger can also provide annual servicing and maintenance contracts for all installations.

Challenger Disability Platform Lifts are designed to operate between two to six floors with a maximum travel of 9000 mm. The disability platform can be entered/exited through various sides of the lift compartment.  Each disability platform can be designed to fit individual floor plans.  The lifts are self contained units that only require being fixed to the building at each floor level.  Safety interlocks ensure the safe operation of the platform.

Each disability platform lift can accommodate up to four people or a combined weight of 400 kg. The system is a screw and nut assembly powered by a VAC electric motor.  Each disability platform has a non slip floor covering, which will comply with health and safety guidelines.  All disability platforms are fitted with a back up battery, control box at each level and a phone which means that passengers will not be left stranded if there was a power cut.

Without a doubt installing a disability platform lift is a bonus for your business because it means that you won’t miss out on employing a fabulous member of staff, or closing a lucrative business deal because they couldn't access your building. If you are interested in installing a disability platform in your business premises we would be happy to offer any advice.  Please click here to contact us.