How Santa Uses Conveyors In His Workshop

Conveyors are in great demand at this time of year. They are working overtime in Amazon warehouses, supermarkets, airports and of course Santa’s workshop.  Santa has made major investments in conveyors due to an explosion in population and greater demands from children globally. The team at the North Pole work tirelessly every year to make and deliver toys to the millions of children in the world, and our conveyors are a crucial part of this. Initially children were satisfied with an apple, orange, banana and sweets from Santa so processing and delivering presents was simple.  These days children ask for bikes, games consoles, dolls houses, ponies and other large items. The logistics of delivering such a large amount of presents in one night is phenomenal.  Even with the flux capacitor in the sleigh time is still of the essence. Tendering out the, ‘Naughty and Nice’, list to the Elf On The Shelf gives Santa more time to organise his team.  Conveyors transport the presents into the sleigh, which is actually a Tardis and much bigger on the inside than outside.  There are conveyors in the sleigh which transport the presents to the top in country and child order.

The History Of Santa Claus

The original Santa Clause was St Nicholas who was the patron Saint of sailors.  He was a born in the 3rd century in Myra in Anatolia which is now modern day Turkey. Nicholas was a Catholic Bishop and fisherman He became very wealthy due to inheriting money from his family. Nicholas was a very generous man and gave gifts of money and food to those in need. It is believed that the Christmas tradition of him giving presents began when he left money in the stockings of three poor girls.  He was granted a sainthood due to his enduring generosity and became the patron saint of children. (Source: Listverse)

When St Nicholas Became Santa Clause

St Nicholas continued to ‘deliver’ presents to children in England until the 16th century.  He became unpopular during the 16th century due to the reformation of the church. This left a vacancy for someone to deliver presents to all of the children.  Father Christmas or Old Man Christmas took on the mighty job and has been delivering presents to children ever since. St Nick had a revival during the Victorian era resulting in DR Clement Clarke penning the famous poem, ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’. The song even introduced us to Santa’s eight reindeers which were; Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.

Santa’s Red Suit

He is known by many different names now; Santa, Father Christmas and Kris Kringle and is known all over the world.  The legend of Santa Clause built up speed and more stories and songs were written about him. Robert Ness drew a picture of Santa wearing a, ‘Stars and Stripes’, outfit for Harper's Bazaar in 1863.  Ness introduced us to the Santa in a red suit and wobbly belly not Coca Cola which is an urban legend. In 1949 the song Jingle Bells introduced us to Rudolph who is the famous red nosed reindeer who saved Santa on a foggy night. (Source:  Santa continues to bring joy to children and adults all over the world.  We all wait in excited anticipation for Santa to bring presents and snack on sherry and mince pies.  The age old question remains - How does he do it?

Conveyors In Santa’s Workshop

Conveyors play a major role in Santa’s workshop.  The sheer quantity of presents the elves have to process requires automation.  There were lots of ‘Elf and Safety’ issues due to the elves sustaining injuries due to the heavy lifting. In the beginning conveyors were part of the production line because all of the presents were made in the warehouse.  These days the conveyors move the toys from toy manufacturers around. We can only take a guess at what the workshop looks like because no one has ever been in there.  The sheer size of the operation suggests that the conveyor system is at least a hundred times bigger than Amazon’s largest warehouse.  It is obvious the workshop exists on many different dimensions and is invisible to the human eye. Researchers suggest that Santa is actually a great physicist who is able to take advantage of the theory or relativity.  This knowledge and of course a generous sprinkling of magic ensures the sleigh is full of presents on Christmas Eve. Delivering the presents is an entirely different matter as they are beamed into each house.  Chances are they will be beamed directly from the workshop in the future. Santa will still take his sleigh out but only so he can exercise the reindeers. If you would like to install conveyors in your workshop contact us and we would be happy to offer advice.