Setting Up A Profitable Business With A Baling Machine

A bailing machine is a valuable asset for businesses wishing to expand into recycling or setting up a new recycling plant.  The recycling industry is worth £23 bn in the Uk and increasing by 15% annually. Matthew Farrow (Director of the ESA) states, ’the waste and resources sector is a good business to be in, and opportunities are there’.  (Source   It is possible to get a slice of the action and coup profits in the recycling industry as long as you research the market well and make prudent investments.  Setting up any business with a good return on investment (ROI) requires market research and knowledge of the most effective equipment to buy. There are many factors to take into consideration when selecting a bailing machine including cost, versitiliy and adaptability.  Making the correct choices at the beginning of your business provides the best opportunities for expansion and profit making. A well thought out business plan and an eye to the future will ensure the longevity and profitability of your business.

Setting Up A Recycling Business

Setting up a new business in the present economic climate is a challenge for companies in any sector.  The recycling industry is booming because it has a positive effect on the environment reducing landfill and production costs.  Aluminium, paper and cardboard are the most effective materials to recycle. There are a number of steps you need to take to set up your recycling business these include:

Choosing What To Recycle

Consider which materials are readily available in your area and are in demand.  Materials such as aluminium, paper and cardboard are easiest to recycle and have a good financial return.  If you are a farmer wishing to sell hay bails it is prudent to see if your farming neighbours us their own resources.


Being able to collect material in quantities generates the most profit.  You have to decide on an economical collection method that is easy to manage.  Do you collect directly from households and businesses or do people take their recycling to designated points around the area?  What type of vehicle do you need to purchase and how many do you require? The collection method is integral to the business and must be considered wisely.

Who Will Buy Your Recycled Material?

This is an important fact to consider as it will generate your income.  How much are people willing to pay per bail of your material? Is there a demand in your area or will you have to go further afield to sell your recycled waste?

Smooth Operation

It is important that every aspect of your operation is organised and has the appropriate equipment and manpower to work smoothly.  You need to take into account storage for collected materials and bailed materials. The bailing machine needs to be able to process the chosen material and have options to automate it as your business grows.  Delivery vehicles are necessary to transport the bails to the paying customers. All of these are financially demanding and are essential to the ifficient running of the business.

Which Bailing Machine?

Choosing the right bailing machine for the recycling job is essential as it determines how efficient your business is going to be.  There are many different bailing machine options including automated, bespoke or secondhand. Bespoke bailing machines cost more than secondhand machines but are more efficient while secondhand machinery is a good starting point for a new business. The material you wish to recycle also determines the type of bailing machine you purchase. If you would like to discuss you bailing machine options contact us and we would be happy to offer advice.