Setting Up Your Pet Pack Baling Business

One interest that unites everyone from different countries in the world is a love of animals. While pets such as; cats and dogs are extremely popular, cuddly rabbits with large ears and twitching noses are favourites with children and those who have restricted space.  In 2012 the pet industry grew by about 12%, which is an increase of nearly 4 billion and is expected to continue to grow  as our devotion to our pets continues to escalate.  This growth is attributed to little dogs that fit into your handbag becoming more popular, people wanting to make sure that their pets are fed good quality food and Snowy being a fully fledged member of the family.  Now that pets are treated with the same consideration as children it is clear to see that providing essential items such as bedding for our little furry friends could prove to be a very lucrative business indeed.

Small animals such as; rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chickens and tortoises require bedding such as; wood shavings, chopped straw, chopped hay and shredded paper to enable them to sleep and process their waste.  As people become more aware of the environment they are increasingly inclined to consider products that are more ethical and a environmentally friendly.  If you already work in the pet industry or in an industry that uses materials that can be recycled to produce animal bedding you may wish to consider investing in a Pet Pack Baler.  Pet Pack Balers are available in a variety of configurations and are either manually or automatically controlled.

The first Pet Pack Baler is designed to meet the requirements of pet shop suppliers in the packaging of bedding material. it can handle wood shavings, chopped straw, chopped hay and shredded paper.  The machine can be produced to make bales of various sizes to suit your requirements.  The unit is free-standing, compact and fitted with a modern programmable logic controller (PLC) to achieve quick and efficient operation in the automatic mode.

The Second Pet Pack Baler is semi automatic and utilises a simple control system.  Operators weight the material on an integral weigh scale, indication is shown when the pre-set weight is reached and then the material is pushed into the hinged bale chamber door.  The door is closed and the machine sequence then produces a bale automatically while the next material is weighed.  The finished bale is ejected through a bale chute over which operators have placed a bale bag.  The baler is designed to meet the current Health and Safety and PUWER regulations with with integral safety interlocks.

If you are interested in investing in a Pet Pack Baler please contact us here and we would be very happy to help you discuss all of your options.