Shredder Repair Solutions

When a shredder breaks down it could mean that the whole shredder may need to be replaced, resulting in a huge expense for any company.  Worn out blades and cutters can also cause a shredder to become inefficient and expensive to run thus resulting in extra costs.  Challenger Group has devised an effective shredder cutter rebuilding procedure which costs considerably less than replacing the whole set of cutters and ensures that the cutters and blades can last longer than the originals. Thorough Inspection If your shredder has either become inefficient or has stopped working completely you can ship your whole shredder, head module or just its cutter set and / or screen to our cutter rebuild factory in Hull.  When your shredder or parts arrive it will be subject to a thorough inspection which will determine what the cutter and spacer thickness will be after rebuilding.  The inspection will determine the correct number of spacers and cutters required as well as which components cannot be repaired. Once the inspection is complete you will be given a no obligation quote giving you the opportunity to decide if the process will suit your requirements. SSI Shredding Systems Inc. Once the rebuild of your shredder has been approved we will start a number of manufacturing processes developed by the leading shredding manufacturer SSI Shredding Systems Inc. We will rebuild to exact tolerances meeting original factory specifications.  All makes and models and designs of shredder cutter sets and screens can be rebuilt in this way as long as the material grade and thickness meets minimum requirements. Rebuilding Process The rebuilding process can be repeated several times as long as the original thickness of the cutters and blades make it cost effective.  The blades and cutters go through the following manufacturing processes:-
  • The edges are built back up.
  • The outer diameters are ground to match the original contour.
  • The sides are ground to make them flat and achieve proper thickness dimensions for restacking.
  • The spacers are also ground so that cutter to cutter shear gaps are brought back to the original specification.
Quality and Service Are Our Priorities In January 2013 we formed a strategic working relationship with SSI Shredding Systems Inc.  and became official agents representing SSI Shredding Systems in the United Kingdom and Ireland.  Our relationship with SSI Shredding Systems Inc. is not only a recognition of the high quality and service we provide, it also indicates that we are experts in the sales and distribution of SSI Shredding Systems and that can only be beneficial to all of our customers. If you would like to find out more about our shredder rebuilding service please complete the form below and we will be able to discuss your company’s needs.     [contact-form-7 id="72" title="Contact form"]