SSI – Making Shredding Interesting

If you have ever sat waiting for your ancient computer to boot up and felt the frustration inside you building up until you just wanted to get hold of the piece of trash and throw it out of the window - just calm down.  We have the perfect solution that is not only therapeutic but satisfying as well. Just think about your paper shredder in the corner, by the bin, and imagine that it is thirty times bigger and a hundred times meaner. If you can visualise a monster shredder then you are halfway to solving your computer problems.

How Shredders Work

Before we get to the best bit of our solution let’s first look at how a little paper shredder works.  A shredder is composed of a bin to collect the shredded paper, a lid with a slot for you to insert the paper and two sets of rotating knives or teeth.  As soon as you insert the paper, the rotating blades pull it in and start shredding it, quite viciously, resulting in either paper strips or squares.  A paper shredder is only small but it is quite mighty and can devour fingers, hair and ties.  Remember how satisfying shredding paper is and prepare yourself for some real stress relief.

SSI Shredder Of The Week

Well the guys at SSI somehow discovered that watching shredders work was actually cult viewing and their run of the mill shredding videos were getting a fair few hits.  One of the engineers obviously had a cracking sense of humor and decided to shred everyday items, which drew a huge audience.  Shredding; cars, games consoles, balloons, fridges and many other irritating items became the inspiration of, ‘Shred Of The Week’.  There is even a link on their main menu which takes you to a page full of videos that enable you to fulfill your shredding fetish to your heart’s content.  They have videos on Youtube which have a small plot that builds up to shredding.  Viewers are invited to suggest items to be shredded, so they can satisfy their shredding fetish - how cool is that?

Solving your Computer Problems

We can probably guess what you are thinking now and you may be salivating with the anticipation of destroying the irritating piece of plastic that raises your blood pressure every day.  First of all calm down as it is vitally important that you are fully aware of all of your body parts - you don’t want to lose your head in revenge do you? Sit down with your coffee, biscuit and relax while watching the cruel destruction of redundant computers.  Listen to the sound of the components being crushed and a feeling of sweet relief will wash over you. If you found this experience therapeutic and wish to regularly relax to the clatter and destruction of shredding then there are many more videos for you to enjoy, thanks to SSI's shred of the week! Finally...a nod of the hat and raise of the glass to everyone at SSI.  We thank you kind Sir's....... for making shredding interesting!