Why ISO 9001 Is A Mark Of Quality

ISO 9001 status is a great achievement for any manufacturing company.  It is awarded to companies who provide an excellent service in relation to;  manufacturing, delivery, attitude, accuracy, customer satisfaction and a commitment to good quality.  The status is renewed annually by auditors who assess a company’s ability to reach the exacting standards of IS 9001.  

Achieving ISO 9001 status is beneficial to companies in two ways.  First of all, it provides a comprehensive framework which enables companies to work at optimum levels,  Secondly, customers are more likely to purchase equipment from a company with ISO 9001 status because it guarantees an excellent quality of service.

In order to achieve ISO 9001 status companies have to complete a five-step process. The steps include; preparation, documentation, implementation, Internal audit and certification.  Achieving ISO 9001 status is a continual process as companies have to be audited once or twice a year in order to keep their certification current. 

What Does ISO 9001 Status Involve?

There are many benefits to having ISO 9001 status including; independent proof that your company provides good quality products, high efficiency, staff engagement, clear goals, good staff morale, efficient problem solving, good company image and customer satisfaction.  ISO 9001 status is a globally recognised certification making it possible for companies to compete in a worldwide market.

A lot of hard work and dedication goes into achieving ISO 9001 status.  Systems and processes are at the core of the award and relate to both manufacturing and administrative tasks.  Every single member of the team is involved in implementing and carrying out the necessary tasks in order to become certified.  Companies follow a five-step process which is repeated annually or biannually. This means that a company’s ISO 9001 status is current and up to date.

Achieving ISO 9001 staus is a five-step process resulting in a globally recognised accreditation.  The first step involves preparing how your company is going to approach the qualification. This stage requires you to outline your objectives and how you propose to achieve them. There are many documents and tools available to help companies to identify and set the right objectives.

The second step requires companies to write the quality policy, procedures and other relevant documents.  This stage is considered to be the most complex and time-consuming because it involves understanding, interpreting and applying the technical requirements to individual companies.  Enlisting the help of an ISO 9001 consultant ensures that this part of the process is completed correctly and accurately.

The third step involves the implementation of the documentation.  It is important to do this carefully as it involves informing staff how the new systems work.  This is most likely to be successful if your processes are easy to follow and don’t involve unnecessary paperwork. Experts advise starting with document control because its benefits are quick to see.  Staff are most likely to learn quickly and follow procedures if they are actually fit for purpose.

Step four involves an internal audit which can be carried by a trained member of the company or a subcontractor.  Some companies have a number of staff members who are ISO 9001 trained. This is beneficial for the company as it allows staff to share good practice and troubleshoot any issues. Audits take place until there are a minute number of changes that need to be made.  

Once this has been achieved it is time to apply for your certification.  In order to do this, you need to collect two months worth of ISO 9001 documentation and have completed your internal audit. An ISO 9001 registrar needs to be appointed by your company and they will select an external auditor to assess your company. It is vital to research your ISO 9001 consultancy company well in order to find one that fits in with the aims of your company.

If you would like to find out more about our ISO 9001 status contact us and we would be happy to discuss it with you. 

Why We Pride Ourselves On Our Excellent Service & Support

We believe that providing excellent service & support is just as important as selling high-quality reliable machinery.  Purchasing a high-value product requires the customer to trust the supplier’s ability to deliver exactly what they have ordered. Companies who support their customers and help them through the process of designing, build, installation training and after-sales service give their customers peace of mind.

There is so much competition in every sector that sales alone are not enough to attract loyal customers.  Service & support is the element that stands businesses apart from their competitors. Customers who are happy with the service they receive are likely to return time and time again. Good service results in recommendations and there is no better way of advertising than word of mouth.

Excellent service & support motivates staff and encourages them to serve the needs of the customer.  The happiness of customers rubs off and staff making them less likely to leave the company and reducing staff turn over.  Low staff turn over enables staff to develop a relationship with customers and provide a consistent and reliable service.

What Is Excellent Service & Support?

The measure of excellent service & support is customer satisfaction.  Customers are more likely to respond positively to hiccups and delays if they feel they are being kept in the picture.  Being cordial and friendly needs to be backed up by action and the knowledge everything is being done to serve the customer’s needs.  

Companies ensure every member of staff provides the same level of support by ongoing training and feedback.  Developing a comprehensive customer service policy ensures all staff members know what is expected of them and that service remains consistent throughout the whole company.  

The benefits of excellent customer service & support help to retain customers which is considerably cheaper than attracting new ones.   60 – 70% of existing customers are likely to keep buying compared to 5 – 20 % of new customers. Treating customers well opens up the lines of communication effectively reducing misunderstandings and errors.  Having a good reputation attracts new customers because they have faith in the service they will receive.

Other companies are more likely to form partnerships because teaming up with a company with a good reputation is beneficial from them.  Companies with good customer care go from strength to strength and build up rather than wind down. In the case of service and support, a little bit of consideration goes an incredibly long way.

Challenger Over 30 Years Of Excellence

Challenger Group prides themselves on their reputation for providing high-quality engineering solutions for three decades.  This has been achieved by dedication to designing manufacturing a wide range of machinery to exacting standards. Our ISO 9001 accreditation ensures that all products are designed and built to achieve standards of high quality.

As well as assisting customers with their product choices and installation we provide excellent after sales support.  Our customs can feel confident with our technical knowledge to ensure they are completely satisfied with every aspect of their purchase.

To find out more about our excellent service & support please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss your options.

Investment In New Machinery That Will Increase Productivity And Service

Challenger Group has been renowned for providing high-quality engineering solutions for the past thirty years.  We are proud of the quality of our work and the machinery we produce.  Many of it has enabled new and growing businesses to expand and contribute greatly to the economy.  

All of the machinery we manufacture is bespoke and accredited to the ISO 9001 Quality Standard.  We are hoping to be awarded the ISO 9001:2015 Standard in November 2017.  Our after sales maintenance service means that machinery can work efficiently for decades.  Our second-hand machinery can either be purchased as seen or upgraded so it can be used immediately.  

We strive to improve our service and are continually updating our equipment so your machinery is built to the best possible standards.

Recently we have taken delivery of a Haas VF2 Axis Machining Centre, a Harrison Alpha CNC Centre and a Tong Tai 2 axis CNC Slant Bed Lathe.  We are also building up stocks of the Manuli Hose which will increase efficiency in our hydraulic systems.

Haas VF2 Axis Machining Centre

The Haas VF2 Axis Machining Centre is a welcome addition to our manufacturing system.  Our customers have requested that we incorporate integral Sun Cartridge valves in cylinders and end blocks.  This machine enables us to fulfil this request and keep up with manufacturing demand.  


Harrison Alpha CNC Centre

In order to increase capacity and reduce lead times, we have purchased 5 Harrison Alpha CNC Centres. The machinery is a lathe used to rotate rods and tubes so that they can be cut and shaped. This lathe has a 2-metre bed so that it can machine tubes up to Ø250mm bore and 2 metres in length.  80% of our size range require these dimensions.


Tong Tai 2 Axis CNC Slant Bed Lathe

Our production cell has now increased to 4 CNC lathes which are controlled by two operators.  The operators are responsible for programming and running the machines.  All of our personnel will be trained how to operate these systems, which will improve efficiency and productivity.  The Tong Tai 2 Axis CNC Slant Bed Lathe can machine components up to Ø200mm bore down to 32 mm bore.

tong tai

Comet Fluid Power

We have just received our first container shipment of Manuli Hose from Comet Fluid Power (who have just been awarded the distributorship).  Our intention is to build up our stock of both hydraulic hose and fittings.  The result of this investment will be full compatibility and certification when producing hose assemblies on site.

The Manuli Hose range is designed for hydraulic systems and in equipment in sectors including:-

  • Construction machines.
  • Mining industrial processes.
  • Agriculture.
  • Road construction equipment.
  • Drilling.
  • Forestry machines.
  • Material handling and lifting.
  • Road transportation.
  • Marine.
  • Offshore.

As well as many others.

ISO 9001:2015 Standard Quality Accreditation

The considerable investment we have made in machinery will enable us to fulfil the criteria for the ISO 9001:2015 Standard Quality Accreditation.  The new accreditation involves a greater emphasis on customer focus and will improve the efficiency of our systems.  Having had the ISO 9001 accreditation for a number of years means that we are constantly reviewing and improving our products and services in the following areas.

  1. Leadership
  2. Engagement of people
  3. Process Approach
  4. Evidence made decision making
  5. Relationship management

The ISO 9001:2015 Standard Quality Accreditation is recognised globally and incorporated into many different industries.

We are very excited and positive about how our investment in machinery, training and system organisation.  It is uplifting to be able to move the company forward and compete internationally.  Challenger Group aims to continue to be synonymous with quality engineering for many more decades.

If you are interested in purchasing bespoke machinery or would just like to find out more about what we do, please contact us here.