How Scissor Table Lifts Make Christmas Deliveries Quicker

Santa’s workshop isn’t the only huge establishment using scissor table lifts to load packages for delivery at this time of the year.  Online shopping is at an all time high with ecommerce sales hitting an all time high of £533 bn in 2015.  The reliability and variety of goods available from online stores is causing local high streets to flounder. This of course it making us more reliant on online shopping causing a year upon year increase in sales.

There is a great deal of pressure on delivery companies to ensure orders come on time and in pristine condition.  This means that the packaging and loading process needs to be as smooth as possible. Automated conveyor systems allow goods to be transported to loading bays efficiently and economically.  Scissor table lifts transfer heavy items to a higher level without causing injury to staff. This is particularly useful when loading packages onto lorries and vans for transportation.

Delivery companies are not the only businesses to benefit from scissor lifts at this time of the year.  Public houses and nightclubs are stocking up on beer and other alcoholic drinks to ensure their patrons get very merry.  Scissor table lifts are fitted under the cellar doors so barrels and bottles can be lowered into the cellar. Staff easily unload the delivery stocking up the cellars for the festive season.

Online Shopping Statistics

It seems that we are no longer a nation of shopkeepers because online shopping is becoming increasingly popular.  Online retail sales for non food items has increased from 11.6 % in 2015 to 24.1 % in 2017. Purchasing items online is convenient, has a large selection of goods and has a quick delivery time.  High street shops on the other hand require time consuming logistics such as; finding time, parking and the possibility shops won’t have the desired item in stock. It is generally cheaper to purchase items online because the companies buy products on mass reducing the initial buying price.  

There is more buyer protection for online purchasers as they are able to return items within 14 days.  While some high street shops only allow refunds if the item is faulty. This is because online items are selected based on photographs which may be misleading as opposed to seeing the original goods.  Even large high street chains are having to close stores due to the retreat from the high street. It seems the nation’s online shopping habits are rapidly changing the landscape of our high streets with no sign of stopping.

What Are Scissor Table Lifts?

Scissor table lifts are so called because they are raised using a scissor like action.  They are used to to load/ unload goods, lifting, work positioning, product placement and pallet stacking.  Each scissor table lift is built to the specifications of each individual application. Installations can either be in a pit or at floor level with the option of adding a cradle to the lift.  Electric powered Hydraulic systems are used to raise the lift smoothly. There are also options to install a concertina guard to increase safety.
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Why Barrel Hoists Are Good For Staff Well Being

Barrel hoists are an essential piece of kit for lifting or lowering barrels in public houses, restaurants and nightclubs. Most beer barrels are stored in cellars in the basement of the establishment.  Loading and unloading the barrels require a lot of heavy lifting and manoeuvring which causes injury to staff. Using barrel hoists to do the heavy work reduces injury and staff absence due to back problems.

Back pain causes over 12 million work days to be lost each year.  This has a financial impact on both staff and employers. People on zero-hours contract are not paid during their absence, those with contracts require sickness pay and employers have to recruit cover staff.  Many incidents of back pain are as a result of work-related injuries.

Government legislation such as the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment 1998 go some way to protect employees from incurring skeletal damage at work.  Ultimately it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the health and safety of staff is a priority in the workplace. They accomplish this by having a good health and safety policy, staff training and labour saving equipment.

The Cost Of Back Pain

Back pain affects 1 in 10 people and is increasingly becoming the main cause of disability.  People become more prone to back pain as they get older which doesn’t bode well as this age range is increasing.  The cost of back pain due to workplace injuries is an eye-watering £15 billion. With the bulk of it (£8.6 billion) falling on the individual while employers and the government have to pay out £3 billion and £3.4 billion respectively.  

Lower back pain is a debilitating condition that lowers the quality of life of most sufferers.  It is not generally due to a particular disease and bad posture, bending and lifting heavy objects incorrectly are the main causes.  Most jobs cause people to have back pain if they do not move their body’s correctly. The most common jobs that cause the condition are construction workers, nurses/carers, warehouse workers and dentists.  Even people who work on computers a lot are likely to suffer back pain if they have bad posture.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued guidelines on how to prevent back pain in the workplace and how to help employees suffering from it.  Most of the advice involves making provision to make physically demanding jobs easier, asking about staff wellbeing, conducting risk assessments and training for staff.  A company who looks after their staffs back and knees is likely to operate smoothly with fewer interruptions.

How Barrel Hoists Help

Beer barrels are very heavy and an awkward shape.  They even sound heavy when they are being transferred from the lorry to the cellar.  Barrels are stored below ground where all of the pipes and connectors are located. Getting the barrels into storage is heavy and physically demanding work.  Barrel hoists lower the barrels into the cellar reducing the amount of bending and stretching by employees. They are simple in design and only require a single 240V supply.  

Using barrel hoists reduces the number of work-related injuries and demonstrates that employers are looking after their staff well being.  All barrel hoists are built to individual specifications and meet the current European Directive 90/269/EEC for Health & Safety for the manual handling of loads.

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