The Beauty Of Hydraulic Cylinders

The exciting aspect of our work is reconditioning used equipment.  Secondhand machinery has been brought to us because a company has upgraded or changed direction.  Occasionally companies may cancel an order and their machinery has to be sold at a reduced price - which is a bargain for anyone just starting a new business or wishing to expand an existing one.

Replacement Of Hydraulic Cylinders

Challenger specialises in all things hydraulic and has the necessary equipment such as; hydraulic power units, hydraulic cylinders, hoses & fittings and a whole cacophony of other components to breathe life into tired machinery. When you purchase a piece of secondhand machinery you can be guaranteed to be delivered a machine that is as good as new.  The company applies the same exacting standards to new and secondhand machinery.

How Hydraulics Cylinders Work

Hydraulic cylinders work on the very simple principle of either increasing or decreasing the amount of force produced using pistons.  The principle is so simple that children use syringes, water and tubing to move models such as, lifts, trains, cars and even robots in classroom projects.  Hydraulic systems also use multiple factoring by having one piston larger than the other so that the force increases.  It is important that air doesn’t get into the system as this can severely inhibit the performance of the pistons. This video demonstrates hydraulics in its simplest form.

Where Hydraulics Are Used

The hydraulic system we use the most is related to the brakes in our car.  The pressure we but on the brake pad in multiplied a number of times to enable the car to be stopped either slowly or abruptly.  Brakes need to be continuously maintained to avoid air bubbles getting into the system as the brakes become ineffective and can result in accidents.  Most of the machinery produced by Challenger involve hydraulics; wheelchair lifts and hydraulic presses are two examples.  Hydraulic systems are used by everybody from hairdressers to fairgrounds and dishwashers to aeroplanes that it is almost impossible to imagine life without them.  If hydraulics didn’t exist we would have to use other scientific principles such as; wedges, inclined planes and manual lifting.

Maintaining Hydraulic Systems

When Challenger group refurbish second hand machinery we always make sure that the hydraulic system is working perfectly and old pistons are replaced. If your machinery’s hydraulic systems need replacing or repairing then contact us to discuss your options.