The Benefits of Buying Bespoke

At Challenger we produce bespoke machinery for a whole range of different applications in the UK and abroad.

Bespoke is a term we use to describe something that is totally custom-made for a specific purpose.  In many environments, a bespoke piece of machinery or equipment can have big advantages as opposed to ‘off the shelf’ machinery.

Here’s why:

Bespoke machinery is made exactly how the buyer wants and does what it does in the fastest way possible with the lowest running costs.

-Bespoke machinery can automate repetitive tasks, making them faster and with fewer errors.

-It is easier to use in the first place because it works how you work. A generic product is made to suit a wide range of customers and so tends to have compromises.

-They can work faster, therefore saving company time and increasing productivity.

-Sometimes you may have to adjust the way you work to fit in with an off the shelf product but with bespoke that won’t need to happen.

-Bespoke will be more intuitive and user friendly and may also require less training.

-Reduces running costs as the process becomes more efficient.

-As is it will be built to be incorporated to fit your current factory/environment, installation times are often shorter.

-Reduced labour costs


If you think a bespoke piece of machinery may benefit your business, please do get in touch.