The Benefits Of Service Lifts In Your Restaurant

Service Lifts are a valuable investment in any restaurant because they help to improve the quality of service.  Consumers spent 85 billion in restaurants and cafes in 2017 which is significantly more than the £34.billion spent in 2016. 43% of the population eat out at least once a week and spend on average £20 per person. Pubs are the most popular venues to eat due to their focus on family values, good quality and reasonably priced food. (Source: Statista) The increase in food outlets puts greater pressure on establishments to provide exemplary meals and service to stand out from their competitors.  Review sites like Trip Advisor give customers the opportunity to write candidly about their dining experience. It is therefore important to ensure staff are capable of providing the service customers expect.  Restaurants on multiple levels are physically demanding for staff and compromise their safety. Dumbwaiters or service lifts increase efficiency, reduce the risk of injury and staffing levels.  They are built to European safety standards and fulfil hygiene requirements to carry food and beverages.  Service lifts are designed and built to suit the particular venue and requirements of the customer. The economic benefits of installing service lifts mean they pay for themselves in the long run.

The Food Industry Today

Nearly half of the population of the UK eat out at least once a week.  Larger chains are dominating the market and smaller establishments are closing due to competition and financial pressure.  Pubs are the most popular eating places because they offer a relaxing environment, good quality affordable food and they welcome families.  Take away outlets are also soaring in popularity due to their convenience and value for money. The cost of food products and staffing is rising due to availability and the introduction of the minimum wage.  Customers are feeling the pinch as their incomes are not rising at the same level of increasing costs. This is making them discerning diners with high expectations of the food establishments they visit.  Dining out is an experience people are willing to pay for with their hard earned cash so great staffing and food is a must. Uncertainty with the Uk’s relationship with Europe and a shortfall in trained chefs is making recruiting good staff increasingly difficult. Therefore it is important food establishments have strategies in place to counteract the need for high staffing levels.

The benefits Of Service Lifts

Service lifts are self-supporting structures that require fixing at each level.  They are used in the licensing and food industry to transport food and drink to different levels of the building.  Dumbwaiters are another name for service lifts and are constructed from materials that fulfil food hygiene standards. Service lifts reduce injury, improve efficiency and reduce staffing levels. Staff are less likely to injure themselves carrying heavy trays to different levels.  Being able to transport food effortlessly and quickly makes it easier to serve food. Establishments do not need to recruit as many staff members which save money on training, sick pay and recruitment.   To find out more about service lifts please contact us to discuss your options.