Haylage Baling Line
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September 10, 2015

A second hand Baling Line that was originally designed for packing haylage, hay or straw is for sale.

The equipment includes; – A walking floor conveyor for large bales (up to 8’ by 4’ by 3’) – A bale breaker for the large bales – An inclined chevron pattern belt conveyor – A baler c/w hydraulic power unit Once the large bales have been placed on the walking floor the equipment runs automatically. The walking floor moves the large b ale s u p to th e b ale-bre a kin g u nit th at, in turn, s pre a d s th e ra w material evenly onto an inclined conveyor that feeds it onto the weighing conveyor. This conveyor has an adjustable weighing controller to allow bulky material to be weighed. Once the set weight is reach, the conveyor deposits the material into the baling cham b er a n d thre e h y dra ulic ra m s c o m pre s s th e m aterial and push it out into a bag that is placed on the exit tube. The bale is then manually sealed and this e q uip m e nt w a s s p e cifie d to p a c k at a rate of u p to 6 0 b ale s p er h o ur. The equipment will pack 20 to 25 kg haylage or 12 to 18kg of straw or hay and it will pack a variety of other materials depending on the density of the material. The baler produces a 600 mm long x 400 mm wide x 250 mm deep nominal bale that comfortably fit, five to a layer, on a 1000 x 1200 mm pallet. A stack nine high on a pallet is ideal for loading onto standard trucks (approximately 2,400 mm high) and you can get twenty-six pallets on a standard truck. The equipment was originally installed in 2001, is in excellent working order and can be seen operating in the South West.

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Price – £ 17,900 net, ex works ‘sold as seen’