Pet Pack Baler
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September 10, 2015

A second hand manual Pet Pack Baler is available for sale.

This Baler is designed to produce Pet Pack bales of long strand hay or straw or similar materials. The baler works by manually feeding material into the open hopper and once this top door is closed, the machine automatically compresses it, bales it into a polythene bag which is manually placed on the output chute and opens the top door again ready for the next cycle. The Baler is designed to produce bales at a rate of approximately 135 bales per hour and the bale end needs to be sealed by a tape dispenser or a manual heat sealer (these are not included). The machine is fitted with a castor mounted framework and has a long cable fitted with a three-phase plug to allow it to be located wherever the raw material storage area happens to be. The Baler is approximately 2,100 mm wide by 1,400 mm deep by 1,400 mm tall, the nominal finished bale dimensions are 300mm x 150mm x 120mm and the total electrical power requirement is approximately 5.5 kW, 400/3/50 VAC.


Price Р£ 2,950 net, ex works, sold as seen