Who Uses Balers?

Balers can come in a range of different sizes suitable for a range of different tasks. Years ago they were primarily seen as farming equipment but now as recycling has become the norm and the world is taking bigger steps to become as environmentally friendly as possible they are taking on a much wider role within the business world. Materials which may have once been waste are now reusable if you have the right equipment. As these materials come in all shapes and sizes though the most efficient way of handling them is to compress them into bales. Putting waste into compact, easier to handle bales saves storage space and also transport costs as it also many more to fit inside a vehicle.

You may ask “Who would need a baler?” Well, let us give you some examples of the wide number of situations a baler can improve a company’s productivity:

-Food shops and clothes shops use them to compact waste such a cardboard plastic and other , recyclable material  into manageable sized bales.

-Farms need balers to compress their hay and straw before selling it off as animal bedding

-Chemical companies need balers for crushing their barrels to reduce storage space both in-house and in transport before they send them off for recycling.

Other places that produce a lot of waste and would benefit from a baler include:

-Hospitals and nursing homes

-Schools and colleges

-Restaurants and bars



Balers are popular with a lot of commercial industries and manufacturers because they provide a cost effective waste recycling solution. For more information on balers and their different uses bvist here https://challenger-group.co.uk/machinery-baling.htm