Why Investing In A MOOG Cleaning System Saves Time And Energy

Established in 1968 Swiss Company, Moog Cleaning Systems, have been producing customised, innovative and efficient cleaning systems for businesses all over the world.  The Swiss company have managed to keep their position at the cutting edge of industrial cleaning technology as well as maintaining a traditional approach to business.

The Advantages of the Moog Cleaning Systems are:-

  • Consistent cleaning performance providing high quality cleanliness and hygiene under difficult conditions.

  • Equipment is built to last guaranteeing long service.

  • Equipment is easy to maintain and has a low failure rate.

  • Consumes less water and energy than other similar systems.

  • After sales service is helpful and will deliver spare parts quickly.

  • You will get a very high return on your investment.

The Moog Cleaning System can be adapted to suit a wide range of applications including; tank washers, barrel cleaning systems, high pressure cleaners, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners and car wash plant. All systems are bespoke and can be adapted to your needs, according to whether you require high or low pressure, hot or cold washes, hand operated or stationary and hot or cold water.

If you are considering investing in a Moog Cleaning System to sanitize and clean barrels you will be interested to know how the system works.  The video below shows how the spraying system is fitted into the barrel and how it works.  You will notice that the application is completely adaptable and can be fitted to a variety of barrel sizes.

If you would like to find out more how a Moog Cleaning System can save you money and energy our team would be happy to help.  You can be assured that the Moog Cleaning system that you choose will fit perfectly within your business model because it will be custom made and bespoke.

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