Why We Pride Ourselves On Our Excellent Service & Support

We believe that providing excellent service & support is just as important as selling high-quality reliable machinery.  Purchasing a high-value product requires the customer to trust the supplier’s ability to deliver exactly what they have ordered. Companies who support their customers and help them through the process of designing, build, installation training and after-sales service give their customers peace of mind. There is so much competition in every sector that sales alone are not enough to attract loyal customers.  Service & support is the element that stands businesses apart from their competitors. Customers who are happy with the service they receive are likely to return time and time again. Good service results in recommendations and there is no better way of advertising than word of mouth. Excellent service & support motivates staff and encourages them to serve the needs of the customer.  The happiness of customers rubs off and staff making them less likely to leave the company and reducing staff turn over.  Low staff turn over enables staff to develop a relationship with customers and provide a consistent and reliable service.

What Is Excellent Service & Support?

The measure of excellent service & support is customer satisfaction.  Customers are more likely to respond positively to hiccups and delays if they feel they are being kept in the picture.  Being cordial and friendly needs to be backed up by action and the knowledge everything is being done to serve the customer’s needs.   Companies ensure every member of staff provides the same level of support by ongoing training and feedback.  Developing a comprehensive customer service policy ensures all staff members know what is expected of them and that service remains consistent throughout the whole company.   The benefits of excellent customer service & support help to retain customers which is considerably cheaper than attracting new ones.   60 - 70% of existing customers are likely to keep buying compared to 5 - 20 % of new customers. Treating customers well opens up the lines of communication effectively reducing misunderstandings and errors.  Having a good reputation attracts new customers because they have faith in the service they will receive. Other companies are more likely to form partnerships because teaming up with a company with a good reputation is beneficial from them.  Companies with good customer care go from strength to strength and build up rather than wind down. In the case of service and support, a little bit of consideration goes an incredibly long way.

Challenger Over 30 Years Of Excellence

Challenger Group prides themselves on their reputation for providing high-quality engineering solutions for three decades.  This has been achieved by dedication to designing manufacturing a wide range of machinery to exacting standards. Our ISO 9001 accreditation ensures that all products are designed and built to achieve standards of high quality. As well as assisting customers with their product choices and installation we provide excellent after sales support.  Our customs can feel confident with our technical knowledge to ensure they are completely satisfied with every aspect of their purchase. To find out more about our excellent service & support please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss your options.