Why You Should Consider Bespoke Machinery

Bespoke machinery is custom made machinery built to the specification of the customer.  It is more expensive than generic machinery because it is unique and requires individual design and construction.  However, there are many benefits of made to measure machinery including increased efficiency, accuracy, lower running costs and optimised usage. Two drawbacks to bespoke machinery are the initial cost and sourcing replacement parts.  Standard built machinery has the same components and parts which makes them easier to replace.  It is therefore important you discuss maintenance and replacement parts with your manufacturer. Buying bespoke machinery is economical if your business is established and you know exactly what you want the machine to do.  Generic machinery can be inefficient because it doesn’t fulfil the needs of the job perfectly. It is important to make sure you consider bespoke machinery to be a long-term investment in order to get a good ROI.  Secondhand machinery sells for considerably less than its original price.


Bespoke machinery is ideal for established manufacturers who know exactly what they require from the system.  The benefits of custom machinery include; the automation of repetitive tasks, it works exactly how you want it to, it is more efficient.  They are easier to use and don’t need adaptations like generic machinery. It is user-friendly and requires less training, economical, efficient and easy to install.  All of these reasons reduce production costs. Purchasing bespoke machinery involves a consultation with the manufacturer to create a design.  There will be a waiting time for the machine to be built therefore a plan of action is necessary to organise the timetabling of replacing old equipment.


The initial cost of bespoke machinery may be off-putting because it is considerably more than for generic machinery.  It is also less versatile because it only does one specific job and may not keep up with new technology. The workforce benefits from the efficiency and safety of the machines but may face redundancy due to the machines replacing them. Secondhand machinery is much cheaper and better suited for fledgeling businesses with a small workforce.  Bespoke machinery is an option for the future when the business is more established with a larger workforce.

Bespoke Machinery From Challenger

Challenger has been designing and building bespoke machinery for its customers for two decades. The machinery is designed and built after careful consultation and planning.  It is possible for most types of machines to be custom designed. Here are a few examples of bespoke machinery from Challenger; assembly tables, bale breakers, car flatteners, pallet dispensers and quad drum crushers. The design, build and installation process is carefully managed by expert engineers.  3D solid modelling ensures the products meet the demands and specifications of the application.  An ISO 9001 accreditation ensures all of the components are completed to the highest quality standards. If you would like to inquire about commisioning bespoke machinery contact us and we would be happy to offer advice.