Why Your Business Could Use A Baler

What does the word 'baler' conjurer up in your mind? A farm perhaps? Balers are no longer just reserved for making hay and straw bales.  An increasing number of businesses, who hadn't considered one in the past, are deciding that actually, a baler could be a big benefit for them. This is partly due the planet trying to become more environmentally conscious and also the rising costs of waste disposal.

To sum things up, there are 4 main ways in which a baler could help your company:

  1. Save money - A baler or compactor can significantly reduce your waste management costs. You will save money on waste collection and transportation costs as fewer trips will be needed to move unwanted materials.   With a baler it is much easier to separate your cardboard and plastic which will help make sure all recyclable materials are indeed recycled. This will mean there will be less general waste and therefore less of a charge when visiting the landfill.

  2. Save time - Using a baler will free up and  increase your employees amount of actual working time as they won’t have to spend time breaking down boxes and walking back and forth to the bin.

  3. Save mess - A baler will lead to a much cleaner working environment. No one likes to have rubbish thrown around on the floor which is both in the way and time consuming to pick up. A baler will give you clean, uniform bales which are easily stacked on top of each other and take up much less room. Also, this has the added benefit of reducing trip and slip risks.

  4. Save the environment - We are becoming a more environmentally aware planet and a baler help to encourage this.  Plus it decreases ones CO2 emission rate and ensures you will comply with your environmental legislations. Recycling is a large part of the present and the future.

A baler is a reasonably small investment which can equal big results. It can be a brilliant way to turn trash into cash for your company.  To be even more cost effective it may be the best idea to get a second hand machine.  We regularly have used balers and compactors for sale, refurbished or un-refurbished. To see everything currently available at Challenger Group  click here.